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If you are visiting Judith Klein Realtors, you're obviously not the every day home buyer. To live in areas we represent requires a special mindset, a set of beliefs.

You've got priorities and you aren't willing to compromise them. At Judith Klein Realty, we understand that. We live here. Sit down with us over a cup of coffee and let us help you turn your priorities into a future.

Call Judy at (320)630-2250 or Ron at (320)630-2251
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One benefit to living in an area like this is that you eventually get to know everyone. Ron and Judy have lived in the area since 1995. They know who to trust, who is competent in what areas, and who gives the bend over backwards service. To meet the service providers that have earned Ron and Judy's trust, click Trusted Partners.

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Our agents will help you find what you need. Click here to meet our agents.

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